Questioning the God of Death 2:Why was I born?
Many orphans in the Mainland are suffering from different diseases, and some of the diseases are even incurable. If an orphan is suffering from an incurable disease, does it mean that he / she have to wait for his / her death in loneliness and pain? In Changsha, a British charitable institution and a local welfare home jointed together and opened the first ever palliative care unit for children in China, to provide humanised care for 20 orphans with incurable diseases, allowing them to feel love in their limited time.

Registered Nurse LIN Kwok-yin, Molin, is the Director of Services and Development of “Children’s Palliative Care, Butterfly Children’s Hospices”. She has almost 20 years of experience in palliative care for children in Hong Kong. In 2017, she decided to go to the Butterfly Children’s Hospices in the Mainland on her own.

Early this morning, she is in a hurry and takes the first high-speed train to Changsha and rush back to Butterfly Children’s Hospices, as the condition of Felix, a 3-year-old cerebral palsied orphan who has been having a high fever for more than a month, is not very optimistic …

  • Cyclone de Monkey
    Cyclone de Monkey

    antinatalism shall be more widely discussed

  • Sino Xenon
    Sino Xenon

    These people are truly heros. I will try and support them.

  • sim kuen li
    sim kuen li

    So I below! Bless. all. Children have a good lives!🙏🙏🙏🥰

  • Sam Ho
    Sam Ho

    I wished all kids get well soon... I love kids...